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Boxing: A Great Sport Even for Kids

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The idea of having kids go to a boxing gym or even to learn to box at home isn’t something that all parents are comfortable with; but they should be. There’s a reason why the box exercise has taken hold and not let go – it’s excellent all-round exercise.

Getting Out of Sedentary Ways

With the overeating and sedentary lifestyle that many kids have fallen into today with video games and indulging in candy, getting them to get them to be more active is an uphill struggle for many parents.

The trick is to introduce them to something that is fun and interesting, rather than to see exercise as a parent issued chore to get through.

Exercising a Little Healthy Aggressive

For kids, growing up is full of challenges that parents don’t even recall having. Some are entirely new like another kid taking an unflattering selfie and posting it on Instagram or Facebook, but others include physical bullying and boxing practice

Being bullied can lead to a child become inward as a way to protect themselves. They feel unprotected by their parents – them interceding would usually only make the taunting worse – and a void of knowing what to do about it. Boxing lessons are often the answer.

Boxing Lessons 101

Boxing lessons make it something that a kid can learn from a responsible adult. It introduces them to a whole new environment and set of activities. Learning how to move different, correct posture and good technique are all things that a young person can take on board quickly.

One of the side benefits of learning to box is that it gives them their confidence back. Either they didn’t have it in the first place or bullying robbed them of it. While their learning is still in the earning stages, every little bit helps.

Sport vs Exercise

Boxing in an excellent sport. It can be just light sparring with a kid their own age while wearing full protective head gear and wear kids boxing gloves to ensure no one gets hurt. Whether their boxing moved from mere exercise and self-discipline to a sporting activity is really up to them.

Certainly, for some children, boxing could become a lifelong pursuit or lead to other interests like mixed martial arts that includes ‘standup’ – a modified form of boxing, along with Muay Thai kickboxing, Karate and Jui Jitsu.

As such, boxing is a good entry point into the self-defensive technique to be more situational aware and protective of their own body, which could save their life or something they love one day.

Good Sport to Learn

For children who loathe exercise and are starting to get a little chubby around the middle, but who also love to learn new things and don’t get bored easily, then learning boxing is a great option.

It gives them the opportunity to develop physically and they can practice back home with pads being held up by willing parents or in a more formal setting like a gym. Just make sure they have the right protective gear and wear it at all times.

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